Solar Projects

Regional Renewable Energy Procurement

The Regional Renewable Energy Procurement Project (R-REP) utilizes collaborative procurement to purchase renewable energy systems for public agencies throughout Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. The R-REP includes 19 participating agencies across four counties, including cities, counties, special districts and schools, with 180 renewable energy installation sites totaling 30 MW.

The City of Fremont has installed renewable energy at four municipal facilities.  These include solar PV projects at the City of Fremont’s Police Complex (872 kW), Aqua Adventure Water Park (226 kW), Maintenance Center (349 kW), and Irvington Community Center (83kW), totaling over 1.5 MW of solar.

Together, these systems offset 14% of the City's electricity consumption for all Municipal operations, and reduce Municipal greenhouse gas impact by 5%. These reductions are the equivalent of 422 homes' worth of electricity usage, and offset the same amount of carbon as sequestered by 13,205 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

872 kW Solar Canopy at the Robert Wasserman Fremont Police Complex

Police Complex Solar

83 kW Solar Canopy at the Irvington Community Center

Irvington Community Center 1-cropped

226 kW Solar Canopy at the Aqua Adventure Water Park

Aqua Adventure Park Solar

349 kW Solar Canopy at the Maintenance Services Center

Maintenance PV