Due to the generosity of local nonprofit and service organizations, the Recreation Services Division offers General Scholarships, Summer Playcamp Scholarships, Art Scholarships, and more. There is a limit for the annual amount of funding each year for each of our scholarship classifications.

Scholarship Eligibility

Applicants must be Fremont Residents and submit a copy of one the documents listed below dated within 30 days of submitting the scholarship form. 
A. School Lunch Assistance Program
B. PG&E Bill with a CARE or FERA Discount
C. General Assistance (Notice of Action or Copy of Check from County Social Services)
D. CalWORKS (Notice of action, printout, or benefit letter)

How to apply?

  • Scholarships for 2019 will be available beginning May 1, 2019 and are first come fist serve to eligible Fremont Residents.
  • Applications must be submitted by form via email/fax or walk in at City Hall at the Recreation Registration Desk.
  • Any difference between scholarship funding and total cost must be paid at the time of registration. 
  • For more details, see scholarship criteria.

Year Round Scholarships (Partial)| Applications Accepted Year Round

  • General Scholarship (form)
  • Art Programs (Children only) (form)
  • Seagate STEM Scholarship (use General Scholarship Form

Summer Scholarships (Full/Partial) | Applications Accepted May 1, 2019

  • 3 free weeks of Playcamps (1st-6th Grades) (form) 
  • 15% off additional weeks of Playcamps (1st-6th Grades) (form)
  • Teen Leadership Academy (7th-12th Grades) (form) YSC FULL 
  • Waterpark Tickets (4 per household) (form) FULL
  • 15% off Aqua Camp, Sunnyside/Lakeside, Central Park Sports Jam, & Aqua Adventure Swim Lessons (form)

Playcamps Flyer 2019
TLA Info Sheet 2019-

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