Expressions of Sorrow Victorian Mourning Customs

Saturday, October 19 from 11:00am - 3:00pm

As leaves start falling, the wind whistles through the trees and dusk descends at an earlier hour, it is time to reflect on those who have left this earthly plane. Victorians understood that death was part of life's expectations and that there were rules of etiquette to be followed with each phase of mourning sending a social message to others. 

Through presentations, house tours and handicrafts, we will explore the private and public aspects of loss in Victorian era America. You'll learn about dressing properly for the stages of grief, the significance of hair art, tour a house dressed for mourning, create embellishments to adorn your apparel and so much more.

Information regarding specific presentations will be available soon!

Additional Event Information

In addition to the $9 event fee, there is a $4 entry fee for Ardenwood Historic Farm to be paid at farm upon arrival. Pre-registration is suggested as space is limited for the workshops and presentations. Ages 12 & up.

More To See

The Perry Bros. Pumpkin Patch is also open for the season and there is a whole farm to explore!

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SOCIAL GRAPHIC Victorian Mourning
GRAPHIC Victorian Mourning

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