Traffic Signs and Signals

Report Traffic Signal Malfunction

Traffic Light

During Business Hours, M-F, 8 - 5
After Hours, Weekends & Holidays

Report it online, or call  (510) 494-4745
Report Traffic Signal Button-

After Hours Urgent Issues

Report immediately if:
  • Intersection's signal lights are flashing red.
  • Intersection is dark.
(510) 790-6800, # 3, 
Police Non-Emergency

Report Details

When you report a malfunction you should include:
  • Intersection street names and the travel direction
  • Approximate time and date of the malfunction
  • Description of the problem, such as:
    • Flashing signals
    • Turned signal head or lamp outage (including the direction of travel controlled by the signal head and whether it is mounted on a mast arm or pole)
    • All dark signals (indicating power outage)
    • Signal phases displaying short green lights when there is a lot of traffic, or long green lights when there is no traffic
    • Automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, or pedestrians are not detected (please specify direction of travel)

Street Sign

Report Missing or Damaged Street Signs

Call the Maintenance Division at (510) 979-5700 during normal business hours, leave a voice mail or 
email us
Stop Sign

Report Missing or Damaged Stop Signs

Missing or damaged stop signs should be reported immediately to (510) 979-5700

After business hours please call (510) 790-6800, #3 Fremont Police non-emergency number