Solar Photovoltaic Installations

There are several types of solar photovoltaic (PV) installations including:
1.    Small Residential Rooftop PV Systems (10Kw or less)
2.    Large Residential Rooftop (over 10Kw) 
3.    Commercial Rooftop and Ground Mount PV Systems


To apply and obtain a permit for a Small Residential Rooftop PV System or a Power Storage Unit:

  • Submit plans electronically with a three business day review cycle 

For Ground Mounted PV Systems or Large Residential Rooftop PV Systems over (10Kw):

For Commercial Rooftop and Ground Mounted PV Systems:



Fees for residential and non-residential solar permit application, plan check, and inspection are found within the City’s  

Master Fee Schedule

(Resolution No. 8672) under “Title VII. Public Safety, Section C. Building and Safety, Item 3. Renewable Energy Systems”. Below is a summary of the solar fees as of February 26, 2016.  

 012.4220.3340 a.  Residential Solar Panel Installations (applications, plan check, and inspection) $236.70/unit
 012.4220.3340 b.  Non-SFR Solar Panel Installations for commercial, institutional, industrial, and multi-family residential buildings (plan check and inspection) $89.70/unit
 012.4220.3756 c.  Additional or other inspection $90/inspection
 0124220.3756 d.  Re-inspection $90/inspection


What do I do once I get this permit?

At certain phases of the project, you will need to schedule an inspection to make sure the construction is in general compliance with the appropriate code. 


In order to issue the permit, the proposed installation must meet Planning requirements for placement and appearance and must also comply with the building and electrical code requirements.

This permit information can change at any time. Please contact the Development Services Center for the most current information.