Where do I go for free financial counseling, credit repair, asset building programs, financial education, and tax services?

To receive free financial assistance go the Fremont Family Resource Center, Administration, Suite A110, or call (510) 574-2020.

Where do I go if I'm facing a stressful or challenging life situation or in need of talking about current problems and finding a solution?

To receive free assessments, community services information and referrals, advocacy and ongoing support contact Fremont Family Resource Center Family Support Services, Suite A110, or call (510) 574-2021.

Where do I apply for Medi-Cal, food stamps, or cash aid?

To apply for Medi-Cal, food stamps, or cash aid you can go to the Fremont Family Resource Center, Alameda County Social Services, 39155 Liberty Street, Suite C330, or call (510) 795-2428.

Can I qualify for food stamps even if I don't qualify for welfare?

Yes, it's possible. The Food Stamp program is a Federal nutrition program and not a welfare program. Whether you’re working or not, if your income is currently very low, you might qualify for food stamps. The FRC holds Food Stamp Enrollment Clinics to assist people with food stamp applications only. See the FRC Food Stamp Enrollment Clinic flyer on our website for more info. To request an appointment, call the FRC at 574-2000. (But, if you need to apply for food stamps and any other social service programs like welfare, cash aid, or Medi-Cal, you should apply for all programs together at the Social Services office in FRC Suite #C330.)