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Park Standard Details

These Park Development Standards are provided as a guide to City staff, developers, and design consultants in order to ensure the highest level of quality in the development of Fremont Parks and Recreation facilities.

Adhering to specific standards in park development will promote park longevity, aesthetics, safety, and effective maintenance, which will contribute favorably to the overall character and economic vitality of the City of Fremont and its park system.

The Park Development Standards are issued by the City to prospective developers and design consultants, and will serve as a definitive guide for the development of detailed plans and specifications. Developers and designers are required to coordinate with City representatives, submitting plans and specifications in accordance with these standards. This process will ensure conformance to the specified construction and landscape requirements.

 CONCRETE AND PAVERS (Section 03300)    
 PSD CONC-1  Play Area Curb at Synthetic Safety Surface    
 PSD CONC-2  Play Area Curb at Loose Fill Play Area    
 PSD CONC-3  Vehicular and Pedestrian Concrete Paving    
 PSD CONC-4  Concrete Joints    
 PSD CONC-5  Concrete Wheelguard    
 PSD CONC-6  Thickened Edge    
 PSD CONC-7  Concrete Mow Band    
 PSD CONC-8  Stair    
 PSD CONC-9  Seat Wall    
 PSD CONC-10  Chamfers in Seat Wall    
 PSD CONC-11  Brick or Stone Pavers on Concrete Base    
 PSD CONC-12  Modular Paver at Concrete Edge    
 PSD CONC-13  Interlocking Modular Paver on Aggregate Base    
 PSD CONC-14  Interlocking Modular Paver on Concrete Base    
 PSD CONC-15  Modular Paver to Curb Transition    
 PSD CONC-16  Retaining Wall - Section    
 PSD DG-1  Decomposed Granite Paving and Crushed Gravel Paving with Mow Band     
 DRAINAGE (Section 02400)    
 PSD DR-1  Perforated Subdrain        
 PSD DR-2  Subdrain in Play Area    
 PSD DR-3  Trench Drain in Concrete    
 PSD DR-4  Trench Drain at Landscaping    
 PSD DR-5  Atrium Grate    
 PSD DR-6  Area Drain in Hardscape    
 PSD DR-7  Utility Trench Backfill    
 PSD DR-8  Cleanout    
 PSD DR-9  Pre-Cast Area Drain in Landscaping    
 ELECTRICAL (Section 16000)    
 PSD ELE-1  Electrolier (4 pages: Electrolier Base, Electrolier Notes,
 Light Pole Footing Chart, Housekeeping Pad and Pull Box)
 PSD ELE-2  Electrical Conductor Trench    
 PSD ELE-3  Power Bollard    
 PSD ELE-4  Typical Park Uplight    
 PSD ELE-5  Typical Path Light    
 FENCING (Section 02825)    
 PSD FNC-1  Perimeter Concrete Fence    
 PSD FNC-2  Chain Link Fence in Mow Band    
 PSD FNC-3  Ornamental Metal Fence    
 PSD FNC-4  Ornamental Rail Gate    
 PSD FNC-5  Baseball-Soccer-Football Chain Link Fence    
 PSD FNC-6  Tennis Court Chain Link Fence and Wind Screen    
 PSD FNC-7  Tennis Court Pedestrian Gate    
 PSD FNC-8  Pedestrian Gate    
 PSD FNC-9  Maintenance Gate    
 IRRIGATION (Section 02810)*    
 PSD IRR-1  Joint Irrigation Mainline and Potable Water Trench    
 PSD IRR-2  Tree Bubbler in Lawn    
 PSD IRR-3  Calsense Controller Wall Mounted    
 PSD IRR-4  Calsense Rain Bucket    
 PSD IRR-5  Calsense ET Gauge Mounting    
 * For additional irrigation details, refer to the City of Fremont Standard 
   Details LSD-14 through LSD-26, dated April 11, 2006 (Amended)
 LANDSCAPE METALS (Section 05500)    
 PSD MTL-1  Handrail for Access Ramp    
 PSD MTL-2  Handrail Post Footing    
 PSD MTL-3  Guardrail    
 PRE-CAST CONCRETE (Section 03400)    
 PSD PC-1  Park Sign 'A'    
 PSD PC-2  Park Sign 'A' Section 'A-A'    
 PSD PC-3  18"x18" Pre-Cast Sign Panel for Park Sign 'A'    
 PSD PC-4  Park Sign 'B'    
 PSD PC-5  Park Sign 'B' Plan View    
 PSD PC-6  Park Sign 'B' Section 'A-A'    
 PSD PC-7  18"x108" Precast Sign Panel for Park Sign 'B'    
 PSD PC-8  Park Sign Cast-in Letter    
 PSD PC-9  Park Sign Pilaster Cap    
 PSD PC-10  Park Sign Cobblestone Pattern    
 PLANTING (Section 02900)*    
 PSD PLT-1  Vine Planting    
 PSD PLT-2  Finished Grade at Mulch and Sod Areas    
 PSD PLT-3  Boring and Trenching Adjacent to Existing Tree    
 PSD PLT-4  Headerboard    
 * For additional planting details, refer to the City of Fremont Standard
   Details LSD-1 through LSD-13, dated April 11, 2006 (Amended)
 SITE FURNISHINGS (Section 02870)    
 PSD SF-1  Drinking Fountain    
 PSD SF-2  Retractable Bollard    
 PSD SF-3  Removable Bollard- Alternate #1    
 PSD SF-4  Removable Bollard- Alternate #2    
 PSD SF-5  Bike Rack    
 PSD SF-6  Steel Trash Receptacle    
 PSD SF-7  Ash Urn    
 PSD SF-8  Concrete Picnic Table    
 PSD SF-9  Children's Concrete Picnic Table    
 PSD SF-10  Bench on Concrete Pad    
 PSD SF-11  Metal Bench    
 PSD SF-12  Barbeque    
 PSD SF-13  Surface Mounted Site Furnishings    
 PSD SPORT-1  Sport Court Paving and Concrete Edge Band    
 PSD SPORT-2  Tennis Net, Posts, and Hardware    
 PSD SPORT-3  Sport Court Bench    
 PSD SPORT-4  Tennis Court Dimensions and Lighting Layout    
 PSD SPORT-5  Basketball Court Dimensions and Lighting Layout    
 PSD SPORT-6  Basketball Standard and Backboard    
 PSD SPORT-7  Baseball/Softball Dugout and Bench    
 PSD SPORT-8  Dugout Layout    
 PSD SPORT-9  Home Plate and Stanchion    
 PSD SPORT-10  Infield Edge Band at Back Stop and Foul Line Fence    
 PSD SPORT-11  Infield Material and Mowband    
 PSD SPORT-12  Foul Poles    
 PSD SS-1  Poured-in-Place Synthetic Safety Surfacing    
 PSD SS-2  Play Area Ramp Transition to Loose Fill    
 PSD SS-3  Synthetic Safety Surfacing Transition to Loose Fill    
 PSD SW-1  Treatment Area    
 PSD SW-2  Stormwater Storage Infiltration Trench    
 SYNTHETIC TURF SYSTEMS (Section 02792)    
 PSD SYN-1  Synthetic Turf, 12" Mow Band, and Concrete Fence Footing    
 PSD SYN-2  Synthetic Turf and Goal Post Interface