Warm Springs/South Fremont

Fremont, in its ideal Silicon Valley location, is the 4th largest city in the Bay Area and 15th largest in California. Warm Springs/South Fremont, located in the southern part of the city is home to the Fremont Innovation District.  This vast industrial area sits on the edge of arguably the most innovative region in the world anchored by one of the most iconic companies in the region, Tesla Motors.  With the opening of the Fremont Warm Springs/South Fremont BART station in March 2017 and the implementation of the Warm Springs/South Fremont Community Plan, Fremont is a vital zone for 21st-century American industrial production. The opportunity is here and the time is now.

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Fremont Innovation District and Its History

The Warm Springs/South Fremont area is a comeback story about facing seemingly insurmountable challenges and the vision and leadership to go beyond them.  It is also the story of reinvention and transformation.  In 2010, at one of the most challenging times in the City’s history, the New United Motor Manufacturing (NUMMI) plant closed its doors, laying off 4,000 employees.  The plant, a major driver in the local economy, opened in 1962, six years after the incorporation of the City of Fremont.  NUMMI’s closure dealt a devastating blow to the local and regional economy in the midst of a major recession.  At the same time, Union Pacific Rail Road (UPRR) purchased approximately 160 acres from NUMMI with plans for a rail yard.

Throughout these setbacks, the City of Fremont and the Fremont community persevered.  Recognizing that UPRR’s plans for a rail yard would jeopardize the future of Warm Springs/South Fremont and ultimately the City, City leadership met with UPPR and persuaded them to forgo developing a future rail yard in support of the City’s vision to plan for a transit-oriented Innovation District.   As a result of the significant loss of employment from NUMMI’s closure, the federal Economic Development Administration (EDA) awarded Fremont a grant to prepare an economic revitalization strategy.   In addition, an Urban Land Institute Advisory Panel provided recommendations for creating a 21st-century workplace, reinforcing the City’s strategy to transform the area into an Innovation District and employment center.  These studies helped inform the community's work on the Warm Springs/South Fremont Community Plan and laid the foundation for the Plan. 

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