Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Division administers more than 30 garbage, recycling, and stormwater programs for Fremont residents and businesses. 

Have an item that you want to dispose of but you're not sure where? You can utilize StopWaste.org's RecycleWhere tool to find out!

World Environment Day, June 5
Break Up with Plastic Pollution this World Environment Day!

Join your neighbors in the growing trend of reusing and refusing plastic to help create a healthier environment. Since the majority of plastic enters our lives out of convenience, preparation is key. It’s simple - don’t leave home without a reusable: bag, straw, water bottle, coffee mug, utensils and containers. These items make a huge difference, especially with changing international recycling laws that challenges Californians to produce less waste.

Fremont’s Recycling Program is no longer able to recycle loose or bundled plastic bags in the grey cart, so all plastic bags must be thrown in the trash. This change is in response to export restrictions and recycling policies that limit which recyclables can be sent to international markets.

While these changes are causing a rippling effect worldwide and are impacting Fremont as well, the solution is easy: let’s use less plastic. Since plastic production is bad for our health – it burns fossil fuels, pollutes our air, and releases greenhouse gases – and takes over a lifetime to break down, we’re choosing to break up with plastic.

Make a change this World Environment Day. Pledge to reduce plastic and enter to win a zero waste kit here. Watch this video on how to break up with plastic!