Electronic Plan Review

The City has implemented an online submittal process for all new permit requests using the City's Citizen Access portal. The online submittal process should be used for all new permit requests including planning permitsbuilding/fire permitssolar permits, and engineering permits.

Applicants can submit their permit requests and upload their plans/drawings/calculations for plan review via Citizen Access. For more information, please visit the City's Online Permits webpage.

Plan Review Steps

  1. Using Citizen Access, applicants create an account, log in to their account, complete the pre-application form, and upload their permit application, documents, plans/drawings, and calculations via Citizen Access
  2. Permit and plan review fees are determined within Citizen Access, and applicants are able to pay their fees online using a credit card ($5,000 limit). Plan review will begin after the fees are paid.
  3. The project is routed, reviewed, and the plan review comments are sent to applicants within the plan review schedule. Note: Some projects may require submittal of two (2) paper copy sets of plans.
  4. When the project is approved, applicants bring in paper copies of all documents for permit issuance.
The following forms are required along with the submittal.