Giving Hope During COVID-19

Giving Hope In Uncertain Times 

These are uncertain times for our neighbors impacted by Cornavirus Disease (COVID-19). Loss of income and increased expenses due to illness or the effects of Shelter in Place are making it difficult for many of our neighbors to make ends meet. 

People Are Feeling The Effects

The Human Services team is already hearing about families who are stretched due to income uncertainty as many hourly jobs have been suspended . Children home while schools are closed means families are having to unexpectedly provided home schooling. Some families do not have adequate resources to keep their children engaged with their school in a meaningful way. This is just the beginning. As Shelter In Place continues, those who find themselves suddenly without an income still have groceries to buy and bills to pay. 

People who find themselves out of work aren’t the only ones impacted. Many seniors have to find way to protect themselves from COVID-19 on a fixed income. They need to acquire recommended items, such as disinfectant cleaners and hand sanitizers, on an already tight budget. In an effort to keep extra medication on hand, some have paid out of pocket to have that security. For someone on a fixed income, uncertainty is stressful.

You Can Help 

You can alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty for someone in need. Your contribution to the City of Fremont Human Services Department’s Giving Hope program provides the support your neighbors need by granting financial assistance through our urgent needs fund. These flexible funds allow us to help with critical needs that our clients are facing. Needs that may not be covered under governmental program guidelines. You can bring hope to neighbors why the need it most.

Make Your Donation Today

Click here to make a financial contribution through our secure website. 

You can mail a check made payable to the City of Fremont to Giving Hope, Human Services Department, City of Fremont, 3300 Capitol Ave, Bldg B, Fremont CA, 94538 

For information on giving through your Donor Advised Fund or making a charitable contribution directly from your IRA, contact our Development Officer, Paula Manczuk-Hannay at or 510-574-2049.

We Will Get Through This Difficult Time Together