Step-by-Step: What Do I Do Next?

Getting Started
  1. Register for the program; we've had a waiting list the previous two years so the earlier you register the better to guarantee yourself a spot. Register for the program here.
  2. You will get a confirmation by email or snail mail when you've registered, then you know you are all set!
  3. When you register, make sure to give us your email address (the registration process will ask for your email).
  4. If you enroll after May 31st, please email the CIT Director immediately at to receive information you may have missed if you didn't attend the meeting(s)!

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Mandatory Orientation (for all sessions), Part I

Come to the Mandatory Volunteer Orientation Meeting on Tuesday, May 31st, 2016 from 6pm to 7pm at the Teen Center in Central Park (39770 Paseo Padre Parkway). At this orientation meeting, we will present the overview of the various volunteer options and ask you to turn in your first three preferences. We do everything in our power to get you one of your first three choices - take into consideration your transportation issues, planned vacations, and classes and any other potential time conflicts. A question & answer segment will also be available.

At the meeting, you will be given a volunteer form to fill out. It can be returned that night (your parent is welcome to attend the meeting - they will sit in the back so we can focus on you!) or it can be signed and returned at the Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 meeting.

Mandatory Orientation (for all sessions) Part II

Attend the second part of the orientation on Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 from 6pm to 7pm at the Teen Center. At that time, you will be informed of your placement for the summer (based on your preferences from the week prior). Please note that we will have more than 50 teens vying for volunteer spots per session so we can not give away all assignments until we have gotten requests from all enrollees. Our program does have a limit in the number of positions but we do our best to make sure everyone is happy with the final results.

Throughout the summer, Fremont's Recreation Department hosts a variety of special events that you can volunteer at in addition to your volunteer assignments. These are opportunities for you to pick up additional hours throughout the summer.

Volunteer Assignments

If there needs to be a change for some reason, you will have the coordinators phone number and email address in order to communicate with them between seeing them at the Leadership Workshops and your assignment.

Make sure to turn in your time cards to your leader at the end of each week you volunteer! This is critical for us to keep accurate records - failure to do so may lead to delays in receiving your hour confirmation letter or worse, not getting them at all! Please make sure to submit your paperwork in a timely manner.

A Job Well Done

A volunteer party will be held as a thank you to everyone who volunteered their time. You will also receive your certificate thanking you for your volunteer service at the end of the session. In addition, a letter confirming the hours you served and your school's service learning forms will be signed and returned to you. At this point, you may also submit your hours for the President's Volunteer Service Award. This is a yearly award given to volunteers by the President of the United States. The CIT Director will give you more information about this at the meetings and workshops.