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So You Think You Can Dance It Up
So you think you can dance? Come dance it up in this camp! Created just for kids,this camp was inspired by the T.V. show were the kids are the true stars! They get to create choreography in small groups and showcase their talent. There will be arts and crafts, learning environment, and many more cool activities incorporated in this camp. Family will be invited to come see what the dancers have created in a mini Dance performance on Friday, the last day of camp. Bring your dance shoe or where tennis shoes each day of camp. It's time to get Dancing! This is a FULL Day Camp. Please provide your child with 2 drinks, 2 snacks, and lunch each day. Dance Shoes or Tennis shoes are required. It is going to be FUN!

Bollywood Experience Camp
Come join this exciting Bollywood camp and have an experience you will remember! This camp is jam packed with great appreciation for the culture of India. Participants will have an opportunity to increase their academic skills through learning words from the Indian language, learn Bollywood dance, learn history about India through games and storytelling, create Indian Arts & Crafts, and much, much more! On the last day of camp, family and friends will be invited to come see a mini performance, showcasing the campers talents. It will be an experience you don't want to miss! This is a full day camp. Please provide your child with 2 drinks, a snack, and lunch each day of camp. Tennis Shoes are required. More information will be given out by the instructor on the first day of camp. Come on this adventure with us in this Bollywood Camp and have a great time exploring!

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