Sign Ordinances

Sign Ordinances

The City has two Sign Ordinances, the first one addresses signs on private property while the other addresses signs on public property.

Guide to Using Sign Ordinances

Because much of what is required in an ordinance is legal in nature, the City has developed a guide for using the Private Property Sign Ordinance. The Ordinance itself works best as a reference document for particular details such as definitions or in unique circumstances such as service station pricing signs. As such, it is highly recommended that you start your review utilizing one of these guides.  

Sign Guides

Private Property Sign Ordinance:

  • Categorizing allowable sign area, sign type, and permitting requirements into easy-to-use tables
  • Allowing for slightly larger signs than the previous code
  • Allowing for temporary signs to be displayed for up to 45 days (previously 30 days)
  • Allowing for digital display signs for assembly uses to reflect the changing nature of events
  • Updating the City's code to reflect current state and federal requirements

Public Property Sign Ordinance:

  • Continuing to allow placement of real estate signs, consistent with state law
  • Providing for special event signage
  • Creating parameters for use of light poles to display seasonal-type banners
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