ACWD Alameda Creek Mural

These colorful murals can be found on three of the Alameda County Water District (ACWD) pump houses located along the Alameda Creek trail in Niles, on that part of the trail running between the Mission Boulevard bridge and the BART tracks. Access to the trail is via the dead end at the south end of Niles Boulevard, or by taking I, J or L streets where they end at the Alameda Creek trail, or by taking a short walk through Niles Park at the end of G Street.

The murals are based on posters submitted by local grade school children on the subject of saving water, published in past ACWD annual calendars. Local mural artist Laura Ramie selected the posters, created cartoon 'coloring pages' on the walls of the pump house structures, and supervised the painting of the murals by employees of Excelitas Technologies. Excelitas is a global company with a Fremont branch, whose employees chose the project of painting the murals as a local community service project. The murals brighten up the creek trail, reduce the problem of graffiti, and remind hikers of how important our water resources are.

photos by Margaret Thornberry
150 Levee Road West