Retail and Restaurants

Shopping and Dining Opportunities
Fremont’s shopping opportunities range from specialty boutiques in the historic districts of Centerville, Irvington, Mission San Jose, and Niles to neighborhood serving centers throughout the City and regional shopping at Pacific Commons. Our retail shopping centers can be viewed on our Retail Opportunities Shopping Map.

Fremont also has a wide array of dining opportunities that range from Afghan to Vietnamese and everything in between including American, French, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Mexican, from quick casual to fine dining. For more information, see the Restaurant & Hotel Guide. Also, use the Enjoy Fremont app to find all of your dining choices.

New Retail Development
Completed construction of a 16-screen movie theater called Century at Pacific Commons and Target kicked off development in a new area in Pacific Commons called "The Block". This expansion will include additional spaces available for restaurants and retail.

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