California Nursery Historical Park Master Plan

Phase 2:  CEQA Compliance Documents
January 2015 update:  The City is just beginning Phase 2 of the 3-phase Park Master Plan.  A full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be completed on the entire 20-acre park property for the Master Plan.  The EIR will study the more intensive development depicted in Option 2 in order to evaluate the design that will have the greatest impacts.  

Two Alternative Park Designs
The second draft drawings for the two alternative park designs can be found here (4.6MB).   Comments with arrows to specific locations in the park are all around the edges of the park design.  Zoom in to read the text as it contains important details about the proposed facilities, activities, infrastructure and landscaping within the park.  

The designs are conceptual only as part of Phase I, and no decisions have been made about the final park design. (Please note: the Amphitheater depicted in the first draft of both alternatives presented at the September 25, 2014 meeting has been replaced with a passive use Outdoor Education Area.)

Another public meeting will be held before the final Park design is approved by the City Council (tentatively scheduled for the end of 2015).

Mailing List
If you haven't attended, or signed in with your email address at any either of the two previous public meetings held in July and September 2014, please provide your email address to the City via this email.  We will add you to our future information or mailing list for meetings. 

Second Public Meeting - September 25, 2014
The second public meeting was held at the Fremont Teen Center on September 25, 2014 with approximately 80 people in attendance.  The project consultant PGAdesign presented two conceptual design plans for public input.  After the presentation and input from the public, the attendees were asked to turn in a 4x6 card with 1-5 things about the park that they are most excited about, or that they consider a top priority.  

The top priorities gathered on the cards at the meeting can be found here.

PGAdesign's slide presentation from the meeting can be found on the links below.  They are organized in order and broken up into smaller file sizes for faster download.  There are 102 slides total. 

Park Master Plan completed to date  (6 slides)
Existing buildings and educational opportunities (11 slides)
Site Analysis (8 slides)
The Vision (11 slides)
Park plan design Option 1 (29 slides)
Park plan design Option 2 (33 slides)
*Retail nursery space allocation (2 slides)
Financial considerations (2 slides)

*Leasing acreage to a private retail nursery operation was brought up at the first public meeting.  The slide link, "Retail nursery space allocation", shows the overlay of setting aside 4 acres for a retail nursery.  The slides are intended to show how much space 4 acres would be within the park footprint, and the configuration required to avoid the historical buildings.  The community garden under the striped area would be moved to another location within the CA Nursery Historical Park.

Please note:  The park plan drawings are not to scale and are a work in progress. Nothing has been finalized as the City is in Phase 1 of a three phase Park Master Plan.  The Environmental Impact Report is in Phase 2.


2nd public meeting 9.25.14.jpg

Vallejo Adobe (ca. 1842)

Vallejo Adobe (4)

Office Building (ca. 1907)


Box Tree Forest

Box Trees.jpg
CA Nursery 1.jpg
CA Nursery 2.jpg

Presentation Boards from the First Public Meeting 
Participants asked if PGAdesign's Presentation Boards would be available to the public, so here they are.  (It is a large file that takes some time to load).
Self-guided Walking Tour and Landmark Tree Map
The first page of the document is a self-guided walking tour of the CA Nursery.  The second page is a map of the Landmark Trees that are on the property.  The Landmark Trees are noted by white circles. "Notable" trees are marked by the blue circles.  
Download map here.

Tree Survey completed by HortScience
HortScience, Inc, a leading horticultural consultancy company from Pleasanton, completed a pro bono tree survey for the City, assessing all of the 756 trees at the CA Nursery.  The survey matches up with the numbers on the trees on the Self-Guided Walking Tour and Landmark Tree Map noted above. Download survey here.
Historical and Landmark Trees
The City of Fremont places great value in promoting and protecting its historical or landmark trees. In the early 1970s, a group called the City Beautiful Committee gathered information and documented various tree species and their locations which were published by the City of Fremont in 1973 in a booklet titled Landmark Trees City of Fremont. This booklet has recently been updated to "retire" trees which have not stood the test of time, and to include new landmark trees. This new publication is available online in its entirety here:  Landmark Tree Publication
Park Hours
7:00am to 30 minutes past sunset
History of the CA Nursery
The 20-acre property is the last remnant of the original 463 acre California Nursery Company, a once grand nursery operation that brought national attention to the East Bay and was significantly associated with the evolution of the nursery industry on a statewide level.  

The story of the California Nursery site involves great personalities such as Jose de Jesus Vallejo, John Rock, George Roeding, and Luther Burbank and associations with historical events such as the 1893 Columbia Exposition, development of Golden Gate Park, the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition, and the Golden Gate International Expositions of 1939 and 1940.

The location of the Nursery site in the historic Niles District adds further distinction to the area, which is already rich in its cultural and commercial historical assets.  The California Nursery site is poised to accentuate the existing Historic Niles District, as well as stand on its own as a significant historical asset and statewide destination.

For more information on the CA Nursery Master Plan process, contact the Recreation Services Division: email Irene Jordahl or email Kim Beranek.