Turning Point

The art installation Turning Point is integrated within a pedestrian plaza, located at The Paragon, 3700 Beacon Avenue. The plaza itself is a pedestrian extension of State Street from Beacon Avenue through to Walnut, in Fremont's downtown area. The plaza and the art works are to be ceded to the City of Fremont as a public park, becoming an integral part of the downtown pedestrian environment. 

Turning Point consists of several inviting granite seating groups and three large-scale stainless steel sculptural elements, which combine to create a welcoming environment and provide the plaza with a unique sense of place. 

The artist, Richard Deutsch, worked closely with the Paragon developer and city planners to develop a vision for the plaza in keeping with the modern, urban future of Fremont; at the same time referencing the several ethnic groups that compose the community today. Research into Fremont's past led the artist to the iconic shape of Mission Peak and the stone beacon which once graced it, which he translated into the conical, pointed shapes featured in the sculptures at each entrance to the plaza. 
Richard Deutsch Turning Point_2

Photo by Richard Deutsch


Photo by Margaret Thornberry

Mission Peak Pyramid

Photo by Mission Peak Heritage Foundation