BoxART! Program

Call for Artists

Starting March 1, 2019, the City of Fremont boxART! program will be looking for submissions to transform Fremont’s traffic signal control boxes with compelling and creative imagery. The City is issuing a call for innovative artists to enhance the utility boxes in a dramatic and new way.

This is a tremendous opportunity for forward thinking artists to let the community see their work. Hundreds of people will drive or walk by the boxes daily. In addition, photographs of the boxes and the artist’s contact information will be displayed on the City’s website.

ELIGIBILITY: Bay Area Residents

THEME: JOY! Phase 6 is a celebration of multiple ideas of JOY! What is joy for you, your family, or your community? How do you express it visually?

$700, which includes material costs

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, April 12, 2019 by Midnight




View Completed box

View completed boxes to see the existing artwork gracing our Fremont intersections.

Sponsor a boxART!

Private sponsorship of the City's traffic signal control boxes allows residents, businesses, non-profit organizations, and places of worship to actively participate in bettering our community.

To learn how to sponsor a box, please contact boxART! Program Manager Susan Longini at 510-494-4555 or by email.

Questions? Contact:

Susan Longini
boxART! Program Manager
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