Open Data

The City of Fremont is embarking on its strategic transparency initiative designed to quickly and easily provide data to citizens. The traditional methods of requesting and obtaining information about the City are no longer adequate. Fremont is in the process of establishing a warehouse that will provide access to a variety of information and basic “raw data” that will enable more timely communication between the City and those wanting information.

Please check the Open Data portal regularly to explore data as it becomes available and for links to other sites that contain data that may be of interest to you.

Open Data portal –The first information made available is GIS data. Users are able to download data in various formats for a specific area or for the entire city and incorporate the data into their own systems.

• Instructions for use of Open Data portal

Data Disclaimer - Please read the Terms of Use to ensure you are using the data as intended.

eGIS Public - Online GIS system allowing querying and reporting of multiple data sets within a web-based application.