Current Park Projects

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California Nursery Historic Park Master Plan
California Nursery has significant historical and botanical importance to the City of Fremont. In order to maintain, preserve and enhance the property, the City is working with an Oakland-based Landscape Architecture firm, PGA Design, Inc., to prepare a Master Plan that will take into consideration the varying interests of the public.
Centerville Subgrade Repairs

Centerville Community Park Ballfield Subgrade Repair 

The project consists of removing infill, removing permeable rock, removing unconsolidated subgrade material, re-compacting subgrade, and re-installing permeable rock.
Central Park Fabbri Field Restroom

Central Park "Always Dream" Restroom Replacement

The project consists of replacing the existing restroom with a pre-fabricated bathroom structure, and will also include new landscaping and irrigation, and site drainage. 
Large Group Picnic Area

Central Park Large Group Picnic Area-BID NO. 18-032

The Large Group Picnic Area will be located near the Aqua Adventure Water Park and the Nature Learning Center. Proposed elements include 50 picnic tables, 5 group BBQ stations, temporary pop-up cabanas, sand volleyball court, and new planting areas. A new building will accommodate a snack bar, restrooms and a full kitchen.
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Central Park and Northgate Community Park Ballfield Fencing- BID No. 18-014

The project consists of replacing the chain link fence fabric on existing chain link fences and backstops at Northgate Community Park Baseball Field and Practice Fields and Central Park Fields #1-6.
PWC 8501 Depth Plan
Fields 9 and 10 Illustrative

Central Park Sabercat Play Area Synthetic Safety Resurfacing- BID NO. 18-025

The existing poured-in-place rubber safety surfacing will be removed and replaced with new and improved poured-in-place safety surface. No other demolition or construction activities will take place. 

Central Park Soccer & Cricket "Fields 9 & 10"-BID NO. 18-032

This project will involve converting two existing "Fields 9 & 10" in Central Park into Fremont’s very first combination synthetic turf cricket field and two soccer fields. The site will include "green initiative" elements such as Fremont's first porous concrete pathway, permeable pavers, and stormwater treatment areas. 

Concrete Pathway Improvements-Two Sites-BID NO. 17-025

Project locations include Brookvale Trail Park and Plaza Park.
Boat House Layout

Concrete Pathway Improvements-Three Sites-BID NO. 17-026

Project locations include Boathouse at Central Park, Sabercat Historic Park and new sidewalk near Aqua Adventure at Central Park.
8909_Irvington Synthetic Turf
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Dylan: 209-639-8827
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Irvington Community Park Ball Field Turf Renovations

The ball field located at Irvington Community Park will be renovated with new synthetic turf.
If you can't reach me by SUNDAY NIGHT, JULY 30TH, text one of the following people, in case if I lost my phone or if it got damaged: 
Dylan: 209-639-8827
Dennis: 310-619-7133
George: 415-418-4886
Don: 510-378-0600
Nick: 415-513-9944
Measure WW Irrigation Controller Project

Measure WW Irrigation Upgrades - BID NO. 18-011

This project is paid for by Measure WW. The project scope includes replacing all existing irrigation controllers and other related components of the irrigation systems at several parks with an automatic Calsense system.

Niles Community Park Dock Renovations

Niles Community Park Dock Renovations - BID NO. 18-006

The dock located at Grau Pond in Niles Community Park will be replaced with a new concrete floating dock, aluminum gangway, guardrails for both the dock and gangway and anchor system. 

Northgate SidewalK LAYOUT

Northgate Community Park Concrete Pathway Improvements

The sidewalk along Rowland Drive at Northgate Community Park will be replaced with new concrete pavement. In addition, new landscape enhancements will include planting, decomposed granite pathways, boulders, ADA accessible sidewalk ramps, and planting. Construction is expected to start in Fall 2016. 
Northgate Trail Playground

Northgate Trail Play Equipment Replacement

The playground at Northgate Trail Neighborhood Park will be receiving new playground equipment and rubber safety surfacing.
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Sabercat Historical Park Sign Program
The Sabercat Historical Park Sign Program highlights the park's unique resources and features, pave the way for a cohesive and pleasant user experience, and guide the designs of signs in the future, while ensuring management goals are met. 

Sport Court Repairs

Sport Court Repairs at Various Sites

This project consists of repairing existing sport court surfaces at nine sites, which includes, Centerville Community Park, Frank Fisher, Los Cerritos Community Park, Mission San Jose Neighborhood Park, Niles Community Park, Northgate Community Park, Old Mission Community Park, Sylvester Harvey Neighborhood Park, and Warm Springs Community Park.  
Warm Springs Restroom

Warm Springs Community Park Restroom and Meeting Room Replacement

The existing restroom and meeting room will be replaced with two pre-fabricated structures. In addition, the project will also consist of new landscaping and irrigation and site drainage.