Current Park Projects

Basketball Court Re-surfacing Project at Arroyo Agua Caliente, Buena Vista and Lone Tree Creek Neighborhood Park

The project consists of demolition and removal of basketball court standards with associated, repairing existing basketball court surfaces, installation of slip sheet system over the existing court with re-striping and color installation; and installation of basketball standards with footings.

California Nursery Historic Park Master Plan
California Nursery has significant historical and botanical importance to the City of Fremont. In order to maintain, preserve and enhance the property, the City worked with PGA Design, Inc., to prepare a Master Plan that was approved by City Council on December 12, 2017. Currently, the first phase of the California Nursery Historical Park Master Plan is underway; this phase of the project is essential to set the framework for the future development of the park. 

Central Park All-Inclusive Exercise Equipment

The project will create a new adult exercise area at the East Meadow area of Central Park, located south of the softball complex, and will be accessible from the dog park parking lot and perimeter lake path. The facility will include rubber safety surfacing, at least eight exercise stations, a drink fountain/water refill station, and shade structures. 

Central Park Babbling Brook and Mammoth Picnic Area Renovations

The project will provide improvements and upgrades to the existing picnic areas at the Babbling Brook and Mammoth play structure. Upgrades will include improving accessibility access, addition of new picnic area spaces for public use and for group use, new shade structures and site furnishings, storm drain system and irrigation modifications.

Central Park Cricket Field Shade Cloth

The project will provide new shade cloth structures to the existing seating areas located at the north and south side of the cricket field in Central Park. 

Central Park Path at East Meadow

The project will improve pedestrian access and connections to various facilities within Central Park. To do so, a new 12 foot wide concrete pathway will be constructed from the dog park, along the south and east side of the existing softball complex, and connect to the perimeter path at Lake Elizabeth. These pathway improvements will also provide access to the new All-Inclusive Exercise Equipment area.

Central Park Skate Park Picnic Area Improvements

The project will improve and upgrade the existing picnic areas for accessibility and add additional picnic area space for public use at the north side of the Skate Park. The improvements will include concrete pavement and shade structures, and relocated site furnishings. An additional feature of the project will be the installation of a Storage Container with access path to the north side of the Water Park property.

Dusterberry Neighborhood Park

A new 4-acre neighborhood park at the intersection of Dusterberry Way and Peralta Boulevard. Amenities will include informal play lawn, separate large and nature play areas, adult fitness area, half basketball court, and central plaza with trellis.

Marshall Park Play Area Renovation

The project will improve and upgrade the existing play experience for accessibility and add tremendous play value for the public use. Improvements will include new play equipment and new poured-in-place safety surfacing and a renovated picnic area adjacent to the play area.

Sylvester Harvey Community Park Trail Loop

The project will create a trail loop system around the perimeter of Sylvester Harvey Community Park, providing a half mile of easily accessible walking surface, and providing additional points of access to the park from the surrounding neighborhoods. The improvements will consist of concrete pathway surfacing, additional and relocated trees and modifications to the existing irrigation as needed.