Streetscape Design

Argonaut Roundabout Planting
Capitol Ave Expansion Screen Wall
Argonaut Way and Walnut Avenue Roundabout Planting
The Roundabout project at the intersection of Argonaut Way, Parkhurst Drive and Walnut Avenue is a traffic calming construction project that is meant to improve the safety of all users of this roadway. The planting design includes drought tolerant landscape within the roundabout and medians, and the restoration of the existing roadside plantings.

Capitol Avenue Extension Streetscape

The new Capitol Avenue Extension is the first step into the process of transforming the suburban area surrounding the City Hall and Fremont’s business center into a higher density, commercial, retail and governmental center, that is more urban in its design and feel. An inviting planting palette and design will add to the liveliness of the new downtown atmosphere.
Gateway Concept Plan

Gateway Concept Plan

The City Council adopted a plan to improve 14 city entries with granite and stone monument signs, lighting, and landscaping. These entries are planned for improvements over a period of years as partnership opportunities and funds become available.
Grimmer Greenbelt 3
8889- L3.1-L3.4 PLANT-L3.4

Grimmer Boulevard Greenbelt

The first phase of this project improved traffic circulation at the Grimmer Boulevard - Paseo Padre Parkway intersection and provided easier access to the Water Park.The new medians feature features boulders, permeable paving, Bay-Friendly planting, and a continuation of no-mow fescue grasses and oak trees from the Grade Separation Project.

Mowry Avenue Median Upgrades

This project removes and disposes of the original high water using landscape and inefficient irrigation in the central median on Mowry Avenue. It preserves and protects all existing street lights, street signs and traffic signs. The project will include the installation of an efficient bubbler irrigation system, new shrub and tree planting, ornamental boulders, a permeable paver maintenance band and cobblestone paving areas.

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