Argonaut Way and Walnut Avenue Roundabout

Project Description
The Roundabout project at the intersection of Argonaut Way, Parkhurst Drive and Walnut Avenue is a traffic calming construction project that is meant to improve the safety of all users of this roadway, vehicles and pedestrians alike! What was a very rapidly traveled and often times unsafe roadway, has been transformed into a much more neighborhood friendly road. The roundabout now slows vehicular traffic down to a safer 25 miles per hour, while also providing three separate crosswalk paths across the roadway. A raised safety buffer, adjacent to the roadway can be utilized by emergency vehicles and commercial trucks in extreme circumstances. The planting of an attractive, drought tolerant landscape within the roundabout and medians, and the restoration of most of the existing roadside plantings, will make this intersection more visually appealing as the years go on. The immediate result has been a much safer experience for everyone in the area.