Buttton Urban Forest Management Plan

Urban Forest Management Plan

Fremont is working on its first Urban Forest Plan. This process will guide the City to proactively and effectively manage the urban forest for the next 40 years. You can sign up to get email alerts about input opportunities. 

Button, use the tree plotter tool to find a tree and its value

Tree Plotter, Tree Value

Tree Plotter is a tree inventory software that has mapped over 75,000 of Fremont's street and park trees. 

You can find tree information by location and learn the: species, size, estimated value, and eco-benefits of any tree.

Tree Permits apply and information. A typical street tree which grows between a home and a street.

Tree Permits

In accordance with Fremont Municipal Code, only Approved Contractors may perform maintenance on, remove, and/or replace street trees. A permit must be obtained prior to any work being completed.

These prerequisites are mandatory to be eligible for the 50/50 Street Tree Program, which can help property owners with some of the costs of tree work.

Find Approved Tree Contractors
Financial Help for tree and sidewalk work. Tree icons with a dollar sign,

Financial Help

Get help pruning and replacing street trees through the 50-50 Street Tree Program. Sidewalks damaged by street trees are also eligible for the 50-50 Sidewalk Program
Tree Calculator Button, plus sign, tree, dollar sign, equal sign

Tree Calculator

Find out how much your tree adds to your property value. 

Sidewalk Repair Options
Historic Trees-8

Landmark Trees

Fremont is home to many historically significant trees. 
A topped tree versus a healthy tree, please do not top trees