Fremont Solar Vision

Fremont Solar Roadmap

Fremont participated in the American Solar Transformation Initiative (ASTI) to reduce transaction, administrative and construction costs related to residential and small commercial solar projects. 

The ASTI worked in close coordination with the City to develop a customized, interactive Fremont Solar Roadmap containing guidance on how to transform the local solar market. Fremont's Solar Roadmap highlights efforts the City has undertaken and identifies areas of opportunity in the key focus areas of permitting, planning and zoning, financing, and solar market development.

Based on the work done between 2013 and 2015 to streamline the solar permitting process for residential PV installations, Fremont now ranks #4 on the national Solar Roadmap Leaderboard!

Solar Roadmap
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SolSmart Designation

SolSmart is a U.S. Department of Energy sponsored national solar designation program, recognizing communities for their level of commitment to solar market transformation.

The City of Fremont has already demonstrated its commitment to solar in a number of ways, including:
  • Adoption of a solar streamlining ordinance that reduces turnaround times for small residential rooftop solar permits to three days maximum, that allows for electronic permit applications, and that requires only one inspection for permit authorization;
  • Reducing residential solar permit fees;
  • Participating in the Department of Energy's American Solar Transformation Initiative aimed at implementing best practices around solar: Fremont is ranked #4 out of all participating communities nationwide. 

Fremont is actively pursuing designation as a SolSmart community, which will additionally provide Fremont with access to technical assistance related to balancing solar access rights with other development rights. Read the City's full commitment letter here.