Georgetown University Energy Prize

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The Georgetown University Energy Prize is a two year long national competition among communities 5,000-250,000 in population to reduce per capita energy usage in the residential, municipal, and public school sectors. The City that does the best job at reducing overall energy usage will win a $5 million prize that can be used for future community energy programs.
Communities participating in the challenge are working to develop innovative, replicable, and scalable models for achieving significant and lasting energy savings.

Learn more about the vision for the Georgetown University Energy Prize by watching the video below:

When is the Competition?

The competition officially began on January 1, 2015, and will continue through December 31, 2016.

Which Cities are Participating?

There are 50 communities from across the nation competing in the challenge. In the Bay Area, Fremont joins the cities of Berkeley, Palo Alto, San Mateo, and Sunnyvale to inspire deep energy reductions. 
How Does the Competition Work?
With the help of PG&E, the City will be reporting the total electricity and natural gas used by residents, schools, and City facilities at regular intervals to the GUEP staff. This usage will be compared to our baseline energy usage from 2013 and 2014 to see how much we have saved on a monthly and quarterly basis.

At the end of the two year competition, the 10 communities that have done the best job at reducing overall energy usage will be invited to the finalist round, where they will vie for the $5 million prize purse.

How Can Fremont Win the $5 Million Prize?

Fremont's challenge as a GUEP Semifinalist Community is twofold:

1) Reduce Energy! 
Fremont must reduce its overall energy usage significantly in the residential, municipal, and public school sectors. Learn how from the Fremont Green Challenge.

2) Innovate! 
Fremont must come up with energy strategies that can be replicated and scaled up in other parts of the country, many of which have been detailed in the Energy Plan.

Your help as a member of the community is integral to our success. Please check out the resources found throughout the Fremont Sustainability website to learn how you can green your home, school, or business.

How Can I Participate?
If you would like to become a volunteer Fremont Green Champion to help spread the word to your friends, neighbors, peers, and local networks about Fremont's Energy & Sustainability Programs, please email Rachel DiFranco or call (510) 494-4451. 

​You can also sign up for sustainability updates with the City's eNews Subscriptions.
How Would Fremont Use the Prize Money?
The City of Fremont would like the community-at-large to direct how we would use the prize money for future energy programming. Based on both initial stakeholder meetings and the Open City Hall Energy Forum, the City has developed the following preliminary ideas:

  1. Use it as prize money for energy projects in the schools or neighborhoods that significantly reduce energy usage.
  2. Create a grant fund for local energy saving projects designed/administered by students, nonprofits, or local green/cleantech companies.
  3. Provide direct rebates/discounts for home energy efficiency / renewable energy projects.
  4. Put it toward “green infrastructure” projects such as community solar, electric vehicle charging stations, bicycle infrastructure, etc.
Over the next two years, the City will work with the Environmental Sustainability Commission, interested stakeholders, and the community-at-large to further strategize around these ideas.

"Clean Energy" boxART! found at the corner of Paseo Padre & Chadbourne. Designed by Suzanne Gayle. Sponsored by Regina Lin & Tim Gavin.

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