50-50 Street Tree Program

About the Program

The Fremont City Council authorized $100,000 for the 50-50 Street Tree Program to partner with Fremont property owners to help pay for some of the costs of street tree pruning, removal, and replacement.

Street Tree Example

Typical Residential Street Tree

Street Tree Example

Typical Business Street Trees

What it Covers

  • 50% of the cost of street tree pruning, removal and replacement up to a maximum contribution of $750 per tree and up to two trees per property
  • Street trees grow between the sidewalk and the road in front of a property

What it Doesn't Cover

  • Sidewalk repair There is a a 50-50 Sidewalk Program
  • Trees removed and replaced as part of a development applications
  • Work on private streets. A private street ends in Terrace or Commons, for example, Maple Terrace or Oaks Common.


  • Funds are available to all property owners, including commercial and HOA's
  • You must have an approved Street Tree Permit
  • Hire an approved tree contractor 
  • Keep your proof of payment (cash payment receipts are not accepted)
  • Before and after images of tree work
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