Residential Rent Increase Dispute Resolution

The City of Fremont's Residential Rent Increase Dispute Resolution Ordinance (RRIDRO) became effective on August 21, 1997. This ordinance applies to all housing units (apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes) and provides rental residents and owners with steps that they can undertake to resolve rent increase disputes. For a summary of the ordinance, please click here.

Tenants may contact Mediation Services by emailing or calling (510) 733-4945 to request conciliation services within 15 days of receiving a rent increase notice.

In addition to all other required information provided in a rent increase notice, each notice of rent increase must state in bold type

You are encouraged to contact the landlord (or landlord may insert the name of the Responsible Party) __________________________at (area code)___________________ to discuss this rent increase. However, Chapter 19 of Title III of the Fremont Municipal Code provides a procedure for conciliation, mediation, and fact finding for disputes over rent increases. To use the procedure, you must contact Mediation Services at (510) 733-4945 within 15 days following receipt of this notice. 

Landlords must provide all tenants moving in after July 1, 2001, with a notice informing the tenants about the existence of the City’s Rent Increase Dispute Resolution Ordinance and that they can obtain a copy of the Ordinance at