Family Counseling


The Counseling Program offers Fremont youth and families individual and family counseling.  The Program works to strengthen family relationships and help individual family members develop methods to cope with stress/crisis.  Counseling staff are specialized in working with children ages 0-18 and in supporting parents and families.

Early Childhood Counseling

Parenting an infant or toddler can be an exciting, yet challenging time.  Sometimes parents have questions about whether their child's behavior is typical; sometimes parents wonder how to manage difficult behaviors.

YFS Infant Toddler Program staff are specialized in early childhood development and parenting.  They work with parents and caregivers at the YFS clinic and by providing home visits.


Services that the Infant Toddler staff provide:
  • Consultation about developmental and behavioral concerns
  • Consultation on parenting strategies and resources
  • Providing information about how to access services for parents and families
  • Counseling and consultation for parents on improving their relationship with their infant or toddler


Affordable fees are based on income and family size. Some insurance is accepted, including Medi-Cal.

Youth and Family Services

Individual counseling and family counseling is provided to children between the ages of 0-18 at the YFS clinic. Affordable fees are based on income and family size. Medi-Cal insurance accepted.     

School Site Counseling

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Counseling and consultation services are provided at K-12 schools throughout the Fremont Unified School District. Counselors collaborate with principals, teachers and parents and bring essential counseling services to youth who need support with family problems, or socialization with peers. For students who need support with school adjustment, family problems, or socialization with peers

Caregiver Support

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Parenting workshops and individual parenting consultation services are provided to help parents develop parenting and communication skills.  Some workshop topics include:  teen talk, listening to your child, recognizing depression, and signs and symptoms of drug abuse.

Crisis Counseling 

Crisis intervention for youth and their families addressing issues of running away, truancy, and first-time misdemeanors.

Diversion Intervention Services

Counseling assistance at the Police Department- for residents involved with crises or traumatic events; diversion counseling for first-time juvenile offenders