Special Event Permit Application

Important Information Regarding the Impact of COVID-19 on Special Events

The City of Fremont will permit events as allowed under State and County guidelines, provided that the events go through the City's special events permitting process and the events follow any and all applicable guidelines.  

The City will permit events as allowed under the State and County’s guidelines at the time of permit issuances, typically two weeks prior to a scheduled event. For more details, please visit the State's COVID-19 website and the County's webpage.

Vehicle-Based Gatherings during COVID-19

Alameda County is allowing certain vehicle-based gatherings. For more information and to apply for a Vehicle-Based Gathering Permit, visit Fremont Police Department’s website.



Submitting the Application

If you want to apply for a Special Event Permit, please complete the City's Special Event Permit online form. A staff member from the City's permitting team will get back to you shortly.

Applications can also be submitted in person or by mail to the Development Services Center:

City of Fremont Development Services Center
ATTN: Special Event Unit
39550 Liberty Street
Fremont, CA 94538

Payment is due upon submission. Upon receipt of your application, the City will assign a coordinator to help guide you through the permit process.