Fremont's boxART! Program is officially off the ground with artwork popping up around town.

View completed boxes by clicking the map below.

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219_   220_     223_
Ways to Interpret a Healthy Relationship (BOX#219)
by: Save Youth Club Artists
Sponsor:  TEAM STYT at SAVE
 Alternatives to Violent Environments

Skateboarders (BOX#220)
by: Maria Grazia Romeo
Sponsor:  Karen & Ted Bresler
Clean & Green Energy (BOX#223)
by: Suzanne Gayle
Sponsor: Regina Lin & Tim Gavin
Fluorescent Falls (BOX#401)
by: Frost Newton
Sponsor: Collective Discovery
Birds (BOX#736)
by: Birva Nayak
Sponsor: Wasington Hospital Healthcare System
 Green Energy (BOX#905)
by: Suzanne Gayle
Sponsor: Community Development

908_ 103_ 111_
 Life Day to Day (BOX#908)
by: Cameron Chen
Sponsor: Linda Wang, Dave&Linda Chen
Star Gazing (BOX#103)
by: Jessica Yun
Sponsor: St. Paul United Methodist Church

112_   121_ 125_
 Student metaphors (BOX#112)
by: American HS Student Artists
Sponsor: Olive Hyde Art GuildFremont Education Foundation
1956: Fremont, CA est. (BOX#121)
by: ZS, Scyma Designs
Sponsor: Green Peak Insurance (Mohammed Ghatala)
The Power of Small Ideas (BOX#125)
by: Frost Newton
Sponsor: Bharat & Manveen Kalyanpur
141_ 214_
 Butterflies (BOX#129)
by: Suzanne Gayle
Sponsor: FAME
Mass Transit (BOX#141)
by: Maria Romeo
Sponsor: Tom Blalock
Flowers (BOX#214)
by: Birva Nayak
Sponsor: Wasington Hospital Healthcare System
218_ 224_
 Stop Human Trafficking (BOX#217)
by: Tejas Harith
Sponsor: Members of the Human Relations Commission
Clean Water (BOX#218)
by: Maria Romeo
Sponsor: Environ Services
Sabercat Historical park (BOX#224)
by: Suzanne Gayle
Sponsor: Janet Barton

Box 723 box 222
Hues of Biodiversity (BOX#723)
by: Thornton Jr HS Student artists
Sponsor: Thornton Jr High PTSA

Jukebox (BOX#222)
by: Mission San Jose HS Student Artists
Sponsor: Olive Hyde Art Guild, Fremont Education Foundation