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Visual Arts Program
Art Programs

Art Programs

Our Arts Programs aspire to be the community's first choice for participation in the visual arts. All classes are organized by age group, and we offer classes for tots, youth, teens, and adults, as well as Hands Together classes for parents and children. Teachers maintain a comfortable environment focused on individual learning needs and creative interests giving all aspiring artists a fun place to create art that is personal and expressive. 

For more information about the art program, email or call Gloria at 510-494-4324.

Cooking Classes

The Culinary Arts Program offers camps and classes to youth and focused theme-based cooking classes to adults. There are many benefits of cooking, including heightened math skills and socialization skills. Classes are small, to ensure that teachers are able to work closely with each student. For more information, call Gloria at 510-494-4324 or send an email.
  1. A-Z Cooking
  2. Story Book Cooking
  3. Creative Chefs
  4. Cooking Round the World
A-Z Cooking for Small Chefs (Ages 3-5) 
This ABC cooking class will allow your child to discover cooking while learning their ABC's. The program begins in fall with 'A' and ends in spring with 'Z'; participants learning the alphabet throughout fall/winter/spring. Simple, nutritious and delicious projects will focus on 'special' letters of the alphabet. Letter identification, sound recognition and letter writing will be part of the fun! Additional skills include following directions, measuring, eye-hand coordination, kitchen safety, manners and etiquette. Please let instructor know of any food allergies. Fee includes all cooking ingredients and supplies. Each Small Chef receives their very own cookbook at the end of the session. Parents do not participate in this class. Instructor: Ellen Shultz

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Art Benefits

Art education develops social skills, fine motor skills, imagination, creativity, sense of self, cognitive skills, and much more. We believe that experiences with the arts as communicated by our staff promotes cross-cultural understanding and provides new perspectives and insights which enrich the lives of our community.

Visual Arts Program

The Visual Arts Program inspires active engagement in the visual arts through exhibitions, educational classes and camps, and in-school programs in Fremont. Programs involve adults, teens, youth, and tots in the creative process. Instruction is offered for all ages through classes, workshops, and camps in areas such as Ceramics, Fabric Art, Floral Design, Charcoal Design, Digital Photography, and Painting. Go to and click on the Art category in the left side bar.

Our exhibitions at the Olive Hyde Art Gallery showcase contemporary artists and share art with the community.

Photography classes (Ages 13 & up)

Whether your interest is taking outdoor pictures with people as your main focus, travel and nature photography, or you want to learn, improve or challenge your digital photography skills, we have a photography class for you. Go to and use the Advanced Search function for Photography. For more information, call Gloria at 510-791-4324.

In-School Art Appreciation Program

The In-School Art Appreciation Program offers programs to elementary school-aged children through the Fremont Unified Elementary School District. If you are a teacher and would like to bring the In-School Art Appreciation Program to your classroom please Email or call Gloria at 510-791-4324 for more information.