Carshare Program

The City of Fremont's Climate Action Plan sets a number of goals for reducing the vehicle emissions from the transportation sector, with one strategy specifically identifying “the development of car-sharing, carpooling and other services that reduce the need to own a personal motor vehicle” as a priority.

Zipcar Pilot Project

To encourage the development of carshare options, the City of Fremont has contracted with Zipcar to bring five carshare vehicles to our community. Three of the vehicles are parked along Civic Center Drive at the corner of Bart Way outside the Fremont BART Station, and the other two are located within the parking lot at the Centerville Amtrak/ACE Train Station.

The vehicles provided by Zipcar are high in fuel efficiency, and the cost of gas and insurance are covered by Zipcar as part of membership. Each Zipcar vehicle covers the transportation needs of 40 members, and Zipcar users report an increase in bicycle trips by 13% and walking trips by 19% after signing up for carsharing.

As part of their introduction to Fremont, Zipcar is offering Fremont residents and employees access to these carshare vehicles at a discounted membership rate. Visit to become a Zipcar member today!


Zipcars parked at the Centerville Train Depot

Centerville zipcars.jpg