Plans and Guidelines

Design Guidelines
View citywide design guidelines, area specific guidelines (e.g., Downtown, City Center, Glenmoor Gardens, Irvington, Mission Ranch, Mission San Jose, Niles), and more

Downtown and City Center
Learn about the City's plans for the new downtown located on the corner of State Street and Capitol Avenue

General Plan
General Plan
View the foundation upon which all development decisions are based and the priorities and goals for the future of Fremont

Irvington BART
Irvington BART Station
Learn about the planning of the new Irvington BART station and how to get involved in the planning process
Mission San Jose Area
Mission San Jose Commercial Study
Learn about the study to explore commercial success in this area
Warm Springs Rendering 1
Warm Springs/South Fremont
Learn about the City's plans for the Innovation District surrounding the new BART station, including Master Plans for Lennar Area 4, Old Warm Springs Boulevard, and Warm Springs TOD Village

Other Plans and Policies