Sabercat Historic Park Sign Program

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The Sabercat Historic Park Sign Plan is available for viewing. 

Sign Program Description

The Sabercat Historical Park Sign Program is designed to highlight Sabercat Historical Park’s unique resources and features, pave the way for a cohesive and pleasant user experience, and guide the designs of signs in the future, while ensuring management goals are met. The program also takes into account the park facilities, uses, terrain, cultural resources, natural resources, users, and neighborhood context to provide the most appropriate signage possible.

The signs will help facilitate a self-guided outdoor classroom by providing interpretive educational information such as the park’s archeological importance, rich history, flora and fauna, and important natural resources. The signs will also help meet management goals by, for example, clearly displaying rules and regulations.

The Sign Program defines the design, layout, and content of all signs in the park. Such designs will include wayfinding guidance through illustrative maps and directional signage posts.

The Sign Program document proposes an overall sign layout, explains the purpose of each sign type, proposes sign designs, and lays out interpretive themes. The final draft of the Sabercat Historical Park Sign Program was adopted by City Council on October 4, 2016. Visitors of Sabercat Historical Park should expect to see signs installed at Pine Street and Via Orinda entrances in summer of 2018.

Sabercat Historical Park is a linear paved greenway that runs east-west long 1.4 miles of Sabercat Creek. It is open to pedestrians and cyclists for passive recreation. The park gained its “Historical” designation due to outstanding cultural and natural resources such as discoveries of Irvingtonian fossils, its rich Native American history, agricultural and mining heritage, and its importance as one of the few remaining undisturbed riparian areas in Fremont. 

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Sabercat Wayfinding Map