Rent Review Program

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Rent Review Ordinance

On October 3, 2017, the Fremont City Council adopted the Rent Review Ordinance, effective January 1, 2018. The ordinance covers all residential rental units in Fremont, including single family homes. The Rent Review Program provides for a review and, if necessary, a formal hearing for proposed rent increases in excess of 5 percent in any 12-month period.

Rent Increase Notice

According to the new Rent Review Ordinance, in addition to all other required information provided in a rent increase notice, 
each notice of rent increase must state the following:

Under California Civil Code Section 827(b), a Landlord must provide a Tenant with 30 days notice prior to a rent increase of 10 percent (10%) or less and 60 days notice of a rent increase greater than 10 percent (10%). In addition, Chapter 9.60 of the Fremont Municipal Code requires that a Landlord must at the same time provide and serve this written notice of the City’s Rent Review Program. This program provides a procedure for Landlords and Tenants to meet to discuss issues related to rent increases. Information about this program and a copy of Chapter 9.60 are available on the City’s website at; at the City of Fremont Family Resource Center located at 39155 Liberty Street in Fremont, California; at the Development Services Center located at 39550 Liberty Street in Fremont, California; and at other locations designated by the Human Services Director. Copies are also available in English and the most commonly used languages within the City as determined by the Human Services Director.

You are encouraged to contact the owner or manager of your rental unit whose name is ___________________(Landlord to insert the name of the Responsible Party) at _________________(Landlord to insert email address and telephone number) to discuss this rent increase for your rental unit. In addition, if you have received notice of a rent increase of more than five percent (5%) in the last 12 months, you are also entitled to a review by the City’s Rent Review Board. To initiate the rent review process, you must request rent review by contacting (510) 733-4945 within 15 days of the date of the notice of the rent increase. Your Landlord will be notified of your request and you will be contacted by a housing professional to discuss the rent increase. Please note that petitioning for rent review does not guarantee a reduction in the rent increase.

Under California Civil Code Section 1942.5, it is illegal for a Landlord to retaliate against a Tenant for lawfully exercising his or her legal rights.

Rent Review Process

A tenant challenging a rent increase will first be encouraged to resolve the matter through consultation which may include mediation. In the event the rent dispute is not resolved through consultation, either a landlord or a tenant may ask for a hearing before a Rent Review Board composed of five members (two tenants, two landlords, and one neutral party) appointed by the City Council.

Both landlords and tenants are required to participate in the process at no charge to the participants. While the recommendations of the Rent Review Board are not binding, the City believes that by providing a neutral setting for discussion led by a trained Rent Review Board, the rent review process will result in fair and equitable resolutions to both parties.

Community Outreach

The City will be conducting extensive community outreach on the new ordinance for both tenants and landlords. Information will be provided in multiple languages. Outcome data will be collected on the new ordinance, and a report will be provided to the City Council in early 2019.

Rent Review Board

The purpose of the Rent Review Board is to evaluate the reasonableness of proposed rent increases at the request of either a landlord or tenant. Appointments to the Rent Review Board are expected to occur at a City Council meeting in January 2018, with the first meeting taking place in February 2018. For more information, visit the City's Rent Review Board webpage.
Rent Review Board
For more information about the Rent Review Program, please email or call 510-733-4945.