Rent Review Program

Rent Review Ordinance

On October 3, 2017, the Fremont City Council adopted the Rent Review Ordinance, effective January 1, 2018. The ordinance covers all residential rental units in Fremont, including single family homes. The Rent Review Program provides for a review and, if necessary, a formal hearing for proposed rent increases in excess of 5 percent in any 12-month period.

2018 Annual Report

The annual report provides an update on the status of the Rent Review Ordinance implementation and operation since its inception, and an evaluation of the effectiveness of the rent review program. 


Mid Year Report

The mid year report provides an update of the status of the rent review ordinance from January 1, 2018 to June 15, 2018. Click below to view the mid year report. 

Rent Review Process

A tenant challenging a rent increase will first be encouraged to reach out to their housing provider directly to resolve the issue. However, if no agreement was reached, or if the tenant chooses not to speak with their housing provider first, the first step in the Rent Review process is to resolve the matter through consultation which may include mediation. In the event the rent dispute is not resolved through consultation and/or mediation, either a landlord or a tenant may ask for a hearing before a Rent Review Board IF the proposed rent increase is over 5%.  

Both landlords and tenants are required to participate in the process at no charge to the participants. While the recommendations of the Rent Review Board are not binding, the City believes that by providing a neutral setting for discussion led by a trained Rent Review Board, the rent review process will result in fair and equitable resolutions to both parties.

For more information on how the rent review process works, check out our video below. 

New Rent Increase Notice Requirements

The Rent Review Ordinance has new requirements for all rent increase notices that are provided to tenants. All rent increase notices must: 

  • be in writing
  • show the contact information of the landlord or responsible party
  • if the increase is over 5%, provide an explanation of why the increase is needed
  • include the Rent Review Ordinance language about the availability of rent review in all languages provided by the City of Fremont
Landlords may use the Rent Review Noticing Form in addition to their standard rent increase notice to satisfy the City's rent increase notice requirements. 


Rent Review Program Forms

Request for Rent Review

In order to request to initiate the Rent Review process, please fill out the Request for Rent Review form and submit it via email, mail, or in person along with a copy of the Rent Increase Notice. Please note that a request must be made within 15 calendar days from the date on the Rent Increase Notice. 

Response to Rent Review Request

Once a request form is received, our office will contact the opposing party and request that they complete the Response to Rent Review form and submit it via email, mail, or in person along with the requested documents in the form. Please note that a response form must be submitted within 5 business days, or else the Rent Increase Notice is invalid. 

Responsible Party Declaration 

If a landlord does not want to participate in the Rent Review process themselves, they may designate someone to participate on their behalf. The designee must have the authority to adjust rents and resolve tenant disputes on the landlord's behalf.
* Please note: this form only needs to be submitted when submitting a response form.  

Community Outreach

The City will be conducting extensive community outreach on the new ordinance for both tenants and landlords. Information will be provided in multiple languages. Outcome data will be collected on the new ordinance, and a report will be provided to the City Council in early 2019.

Rent Review Community Outreach

  Date Location Time

Rent Review Board

The purpose of the Rent Review Board is to evaluate the reasonableness of proposed rent increases at the request of either a landlord or tenant. Requests for a Rent Review Board hearing may be made if a proposed rent increase is over 5%, and if no agreement was made during consultation and/or mediation.

Hearings are publicly noticed and open to the public. For more information, visit the City's Rent Review Board webpage.
Rent Review Board