Rent Review Board


City Council adopted an ordinance (effective January 1, 2018) creating the Fremont Rent Review Board. The purpose of the Rent Review Board is to evaluate the reasonableness of proposed rent increases at the request of either a landlord or tenant pursuant to the rent review program set forth in Fremont Municipal Code Chapter 9.60.

The Rent Review Board is comprised of five members and one alternate, all of whom are appointed by the City Council as set forth in Fremont Municipal Code Chapter 2.20, Article XV. The board is to be comprised of two landlord representatives who own rental units in the City of  Fremont, two tenant representatives who are residents in the City of Fremont, one neutral third party who is a resident of Fremont and is neither a landlord or a tenant, and one alternate who is a neutral third party and a resident of Fremont.

 The term of each member shall be for four years and there is no term limit for alternate members.

Board PositionNameAppointment DateTerm Expires
Landlord RepresentativeCarl Fox02/20/1812/31/2021
Landlord RepresentativePurvi Shah02/20/1812/31/2021
Tenant RepresentativeGehad Massoud02/20/1812/31/2021
Tenant RepresentativeVikram Malani02/20/1812/31/2021
Neutral Third PartyChristopher Saiz02/20/1812/31/2021
Neutral Third Party (Alternate)Wilson Hu02/20/1812/31/2021


Regular meetings of the Rent Review Board are held on the second Wednesday of each month, at 6:30 p.m at City Hall, Building B, Training Room, if there is business before the board.

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas are available prior to meetings
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If you encounter a broken link within an agenda or report, please contact the Human Services Division at 510-574-2050 for further assistance.


  • Noelle Tolentino – Rent Review Program Support, Email, 510-574-2088
  • Robert Lopez – CDBG Administrator, Email, 510-574-2043
  • Suzanne Shenfil - Director, Human Services, Email, 510-574-2050


  • Tenant-Landlord Services - Email, 510- 574-2270
  • Rent Review Program - Webpage, Email, 510- 733-4945