Caregiver Support

Tools for Change: A Workshop for Parents and Caregivers of Adolescents (ages 12-18)          

Delivering results, Tools for Change is a 5 week class series providing support for families within the Tri-City area.  Caregivers learn effective prevention and intervention techniques to help their teens grow safe and competent adults.

The Parent Café 

is offered to parents and caregivers which helps them engage in meaningful conversations about their family and how they can strengthen their family by building protective factors. Youth and Family Services is offering the Parent Café two to three times each year over the course of four weeks at the Fremont Family Resource Center.

Youth and Family Services frequently offers support, workshops, and seminars to assist parents or caregivers with various parenting issues.  Please continue to check back or call us at (510) 574-2100 to see if there is anything scheduled for the near future.