Safer People

Studies on traffic safety have concluded that over 90% of traffic crashes are the result of human errors and unsafe behaviors. This includes speeding, running red lights and stop signs, intoxicated traveling (driving, biking and walking), distraction and inattention. The Vision Zero actions related to safer people are focused on enhancing enforcement and education programs.

Kids crossing the crosswalk

Educational Campaigns

Look for Safety Program

Walkers may have noticed new “Look for Safety” street markings at crosswalks to remind people to “look” before crossing the street. Vision Zero 2020 partners with the City of Fremont Recreation Services Youth Service Corps to paint these innovative street markings at busy intersections throughout the city.  

Traffic Safety Videos

The goal of these videos is to provide safety tips to Fremont residents and visitors on the rules for sharing the road.

Bike Lanes
Check out our videos about buffered and green bike lanes! Learn more about Fremont’s enhanced bike lane infrastructure as part of our Vision Zero 2020 initiative.
Pavement Markings and Traffic Signs
Yield Lines and Striped Medians

Shark’s teeth on Fremont streets? What do they look like, and how are these yield lines used? Watch our Pavement Markings video to learn more about yield lines and striped medians, and how to keep yourself and others around you safe.
Flashing Beacons and Yield Markers
What are those flashing yield signs and sign posts on the crosswalk, and what do I do when I see them?  Watch our video on Flashing Beacons and Yield Markers to learn more about how to safely cross the street as a pedestrian and when to yield, slow down, and stop as a motorist.  
Learn more about how sharrows, or shared lane markings, can keep both motorists and bicyclists safe when sharing the road.

Bus Ads

Ride Safe Walk Smart Arrive Alive
Pedestrians are vulnerable, give them a brake


The Vision Zero team is active in the community educating the public about our action plan, progress, and sharing traffic safety tips.  Come visit us throughout the year at many events such as the Earth Day Festival at Washington Hospital, the Kids n Kites Festival,  the Four Seasons Health Expo, and the Festival of Arts as well as the many presentations we provide to the community.   

Print Materials

Walking Safety Tips

Walking Safety Tips 393x500 px

Walking Safety Tips - Mandarin

Walking Safety Tips - Mandarin 393x500

Winter Safety Campaign

Winter Safety Scorecard 500x419 px