How Do I Separate My Compost?

  • Use the Green Indoor Container to collect organics: like food scraps and food-soiled, dirty paper products
  • Line the Green Indoor Container with a CLEAR PLASTIC BAG
  • Add food scraps: meal prep, vegetable peels, trimmings, leftovers, plate scrapings
  • Add food-soiled paper: napkins, paper towels, paper plates
  • Take the CLEAR PLASTIC BAG out of the Green Indoor Container
  • Place it in the GREEN OUTDOOR CONTAINER (cart or dumpster)
  • Remember, these materials will be ground up with leaves, turned into compost and put back in gardens to grow more food
Contact us at for up to 2 green indoor containers and stickers to label them!

$500 grant for indoor containers available from StopWaste. Visit their website for details. 
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