2017 In Review

2017 was a year of fostering growth in our corner of the Bay Area. As you’ll read in our 2017 In Review report, the City of Fremont constantly strives to nurture our residents and businesses, while enticing new ones with the powerful potential of Fremont ’s economy and community. This message—that Fremont is a hub for innovation and strategic growth—was a driving force in the City’s activities last year.

Read our 2017 In Review report. (Please note: Due to the large file size, we've separated the report into sections below to assist with ease of download.)

Report by Section

Report Cover and Introduction Letter (1MB)
Quality of Life Section (7MB)
Public Safety Section (4MB)
City Operations Section (1MB)
Economic Vitality Section (1MB)
Infrastructure and Transportation Section (4MB)
Sustainability Section (3MB)
Awards/Headlines and Back Page (2MB)

Full Report

2017 In Review Report (27MB)

2017 in Review Report Cover of Lake Elizabeth