Pedestrian Safety Projects

Yield for Pedestrian Markers

The City is installing “Yield for Pedestrian” markers at a high priority uncontrolled crossing locations identified in the Pedestrian Master Plan.   Markers are planned for 40 locations by summer 2018.

New Signals and Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons

The City plans to install new traffic signals or pedestrian hybrid beacons at four high priority locations in 2018. These locations include:

  • Blacow Rd./Gatewood St.
  • Grimmer Blvd./Seneca Park Ave.
  • Mowry Ave./Waterside Cir.
  • Fremont Blvd./Norris Rd.

Flashing Beacons

The City plans to install pedestrian-activated flashing beacons at 8 uncontrolled crossing locations in 2019. These locations include:

  • Warren Ave./Bradley St.
  • Washington Blvd./Olive Ave.
  • Driscoll Rd. /Chiltern Dr./Mission Creek Trail
  • Driscoll Rd./Joyce Ave.
  • Paseo Padre Pkwy./Baylis St.
  • Paseo Padre Pkwy./Surry Pl.
  • Fremont Blvd./Margery Dr.
  • Walnut Ave./BART Driveway


Enhanced Crosswalks

At uncontrolled crossings on major arterials, the City installs high visibility crosswalks and advance yield markings (“sharksteeth”) as part of all roadway resurfacing projects.  The City is also installing high visibility crosswalks at many school area crosswalks as part of its Safe Routes to Schools program.


Pedestrian Countdown Signals

The City increased the number of pedestrian countdown signal heads from 50 to 220 locations in 2017.  This action was undertaken as part of the City’s Vision Zero program, and all signals in the City of Fremont now have pedestrian countdowns.  


Sidewalk repairs fall within the purview of the Engineering section of Public Works.  

Curb Ramps

Curb ramps fall within the purview of the Engineering section of Public Works.