Walnut Avenue Bikeway Project Phase 1

The Walnut Avenue Bikeway project is located in the City Center of Fremont between Mission Boulevard and Argonaut Way. This two mile segment of Walnut Avenue serves as the primary east-west corridor in the City Center providing multimodal connections to Downtown BART Station, health care facilities such as Kaiser and Washington Hospital , Fremont government offices, School of the Deaf and School of the Blind, and numerous commercial and retail centers. The overall project calls for the construction of five protected intersections, one bicycle/pedestrian trail crossing enhancement consisting of a flashing beacon near the BART/Transit station, installation of Class 4 separated bicycle lanes with green bicycle lanes at intersection conflict points. The project also includes Installation of accessible bus stop islands which will allow buses to stop in the outside travel lanes to minimize delay for buses. The project is scheduled to be constructed in two phases, with Phase 1 consisting of construction of three protected  intersections, separated bicycle lanes with raised medians, bus stop bulb-outs  and pedestrian crossing flashing beacon for the segment of Walnut Avenue between Mission Boulevard and Paseo Padre Parkway  intersections. West of the Paseo Padre intersection the separated bicycle lane will be striped only  and include installation of plastic delineator posts. Construction of Walnut Avenue Bikeway Project Phase 1 is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

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