Mobility Action Plan

The Fremont Mobility Task Force is working to bring community voices in the development of the Fremont Mobility Action Plan (MAP).  The MAP is a community-developed 5-year plan for regional advocacy and local action to relieve traffic congestion, improve multi-modal local circulation, reduce major traffic crashes, and adapt to new transportation technologies. 

News Brief

Community Meeting on Transportation Plans for Fremont

The City of Fremont and Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) will hold a community meeting on Thursday, January 24, 2019, from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Fremont Main Library, Fukaya Room, located at 2400 Stevenson Blvd.  The purpose of the meeting is to share information and receive input on the Fremont Mobility Action Plan and the E. 14th St./Mission Blvd. and Fremont Blvd. Multimodal Project.  The meeting will begin with a brief presentation followed by an open house format where participants can learn and provide input on specific topics of interest.

The Fremont Mobility Action Plan has been developed over the past year based on public input and guidance by a 14-member Mobility Task Force appointed by the Mayor.  The plan is intended to serve as the City’s 5-year strategy for local action and regional advocacy to address traffic congestion, improve multimodal circulation, and enhance traffic safety.  Recommendations in the plan include the topics of traffic signal modernization, safe routes to school, new technologies, travel alternatives, regional policy, and priorities for regional highway and transit improvements.   The Mobility Action Plan will also be presented to the City Council for review at a work session scheduled for Tuesday, February 19, 2019, 5:30 pm. 

The E. 14th St./Mission Blvd. and Fremont Blvd. Multimodal Corridor is a major commute corridor paralleling Interstate 880 and the BART alignment that provides key north-south connections throughout the inner East Bay. This Corridor Project, led by Alameda CTC, is in the early stage of planning and will identify multimodal mobility improvements in Fremont generally within the Mission Boulevard, Fremont Boulevard, Osgood Road, and Warm Springs Boulevard corridors.  For more information on this Project, please visit
E. 14th St. Mission Blvd and Fremont Blvd Multimodal Corridor

Past In-Person Engagement Opportunities

Date Events
April 21
11 am - 3 pm
Booth at the Earth Day Event, Washington Hospital
(Nelson\Nygaard, Mobility Task Force, City Staff)
May 14
10:30 am - 2 pm
Community Workshop at the Senior Center
(Nelson\Nygaard, Mobility Task Force, City Staff)
May 19
10:00 am - 3 pm
Booth at Kids and Kites Festival, Central Park
(Mobility Task Force, City Staff)
June 4
8 am - 9:30 am
"Coffee With Cops"/"Tea with the Task Force", Philz Coffee
(Mobility Task Force, City Staff)

Work Plan and Schedule

Date Activity
Task Force education and discussion of current issues and efforts

thru April
Development of community outreach program
May/June Community outreach (on-line tool, events, meetings)
April thru
Development of recommendations and priorities for Mobility Action Plan

For more information on the Mobility Task Force: