Property Owner Self-Reporting Form & Landlord Fees

In response to the rapidly rising cost of living in the Bay Area, the City of Fremont adopted the Rent Review Ordinance which went into effect on January 1, 2018. The Rent Review Ordinance provides for a review and, if necessary, a formal hearing before the Rent Review Board for proposed residential rent increases in excess of 5 percent in any 12-month period. 

The source of funding for the RRO is an annual per-unit cost-recovery fee that is approved annually by City Council and subsequently billed to residential landlords (Rent Review Ordinance Section 9.60.130). In determining the fee, staff used the appropriated expenditure and the number of residential rental units subject to the RRO, and apportioned the cost equally to all residential rental units in the city as allowed pursuant to state law.

The City Council has authorized an annual per unit fee of $14 for Fiscal Year 2018/19. 

Annual Landlord Fees

On May 13, 2019 the City sent invoices to all landlords who own residential rental units. If you received an invoice in the mail, and would like to view the properties we have on record, or if you would like to make any corrections to your contact information or the number of rental units please click the button below. 

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