Report Homeless Concerns

Tent and trash, homeless encampment

Report Encampments

An encampment is a camp that has supplies set up for cooking, living, and sleeping such as a tent or other makeshift living quarters. This can include one or more people at the same location.

Report encampments.

Habitated trailer and truck parked on street

Report Vehicle Habitation

Habitations is person(s) sleeping in a vehicle or RV parked for more than 72 hours.

Report vehicle habitation.

Report an Encampment-Related Concern

ConcernWhere to Report
Abandoned Shopping CartsSee the list of who to call
Debris or Trash Left BehindReport Encampment Trash
EncampmentReport Encampment
Human/Animal Hazardous WasteReport Hazardous Waste

Report other Homeless Concerns

ConcernWhere to Report
Aggressive or Threatening BehaviorCall 9-1-1 Immediately
Aggressively Asking for MoneyPolice Non-Emergency 510-790-6800, option 3
Appears Intoxicated/Under Influence of DrugsPolice Non-Emergency 510-790-6800, option 3
Blocking Business EntrancesPolice Non-Emergency 510-790-6800, option 3
Cursing, Yelling, and other Loud NoisesPolice Non-Emergency 510-790-6800, option 3
Living in Abandoned BuildingsCode Enforcement, Email or call 510-494-4430
Living in RV/Vehicles in the StreetTraffic Unit Police Dept. or call 510-790-6760 
Living in RV/Vehicles on Private PropertyCode Enforcement, Email or call 510-494-4430
Medical Care NeededCall 9-1-1 Immediately
Mental Illness, Harm to Themselves or OthersCall 9-1-1 Immediately
Mental Illness, OtherPolice Non-Emergency 510-790-6800, option 3
Parks ViolationsPark Rangers, Email or call 510-790-5541
Person Laying on SidewalkPolice Non-Emergency 510-790-6800, option 3
TrespassingPolice Non-Emergency 510-790-6800, option 3

Homeless Concerns FAQs

Who addresses the concern I report?

The City has developed a Homelessness Response Team to address the growing numbers of homelessness related concerns. This Team consists of members from a variety of Departments and Divisions that coordinate and respond to concerns.

What happens when I report a concern?

There are many departments involved in responding to reports about homelessness and related concerns and varies depending on the specific circumstances. When you report a concern, it gets directed to the responsible department for investigation and appropriate action.

Can I follow up on a report I have already made?

Yes. Please be advised that we are not able to provide sensitive information to the public regarding enforcement. Email us.