Walnut Ave. Bikeway Improvements

Walnut Avenue Bikeway Now Open!

The now open Walnut Avenue Bikeway is a new, signature bikeway facility in the City of Fremont. The project is 1.2 miles long and extends along Walnut Avenue from Mission Boulevard to Paseo Padre Parkway. This corridor has one of the highest levels of biking in the City and connects to destinations including the Fremont BART station, housing, and local businesses. The project was funded by a grant from Alameda County Transportation Commission.

The Walnut Avenue Bikeway features several design elements that are relatively new to the Fremont community. Raised cycle tracks ensure safety and comfort for bicyclists by positioning them up at the sidewalk level where they are physically separated from vehicles. The bikeway also features four protected intersections, which is an intersection design that ensures safety for all users by shortening crossing distances, ensuring vehicles make turns at slower, safer speeds, positioning bikes and pedestrians ahead of vehicles where they are clearly visible, and eliminating the need for bikes to mix with high speed traffic to make turns.

Designed with community in mind, the Walnut Avenue Bikeway is safe and easy to use for all abilities and ages. To learn more about the Walnut Avenue Bikeway and how to use it, check out our informational videos for an exclusive look of the completed project.

Happy summer riding and stay safe!

General Project Description 

Walnut Avenue serves as the primary east-west corridor in the City Center providing multimodal connections to Downtown BART Station, health care facilities such as Kaiser and Washington Hospital , Fremont government offices, School of the Deaf and School of the Blind, and numerous commercial and retail centers.

The Walnut Avenue Bikeway Improvement Project between Mission Boulevard and Paseo Padre Parkway is Phase I of the protected bikeway improvements on Walnut Avenue.

The project will:

  1. Install Class IV (raised) asphalt concrete protected bikeways on 1.3 miles of Walnut Avenue on both sides of the street;
  2. Install a protected intersection with signal modifications at Walnut Avenue and Paseo Padre Parkway;
  3. Install a protected intersection with signal modifications at Walnut Avenue and Civic Center Drive;
  4. Install a pedestrian flashing beacon mid-block crossing signal on Walnut Avenue at the BART driveway that provides access to the BART Station and connects up to the Class I trail and the nearby development;
  5. Install a protected intersection at Walnut Avenue and Guardino Drive;
  6. Install a protected intersection at Walnut Avenue and Gallaudet Drive;
  7. Install signal interconnect along Walnut Avenue;
  8. Incorporate bus stop landing areas along the bikeway corridor;
  9. Provide concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk on both sides of the road including upgrading curb ramps at intersections;
  10. Provide new signing and striping and pavement markings.
  11. Install green bike lanes at the intersections along the Class IV raised bikeway;
  12. Install sharrows (shared -lane arrows) at high volume driveways along the bikeway;
  13. Construct additions to the storm drain system including laterals and inlets.

Schedule of Construction

Construction activities started in the Summer 2019 and were completed in May 2020.

Traffic Impacts

A minimum of one traffic lane in each direction will be kept open at all times to the extent possible. In general, most of the work will take place Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

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The project’s construction is funded by Measure BB, and the Alameda County Transportation Commission.

Project Details

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact:
Jeanne Suyeishi