Rent Review Process

A tenant challenging a rent increase will first be encouraged to reach out to their housing provider directly to resolve the issue. However, if no agreement was reached, or if the tenant chooses not to speak with their housing provider first, the first step in the Rent Review process is to resolve the matter through consultation which may include mediation. In the event the rent dispute is not resolved through consultation and/or mediation, either a landlord or a tenant may ask for a hearing before a Rent Review Board IF the proposed rent increase is over 5%.  

Both landlords and tenants are required to participate in the process at no charge to the participants. While the recommendations of the Rent Review Board are not binding, the City believes that by providing a neutral setting for discussion led by a trained Rent Review Board, the rent review process will result in fair and equitable resolutions to both parties.

For more information on how the rent review process works, check out our video below.