One-on-One Financial Coaching

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Receive one-on-one personal attention with a SparkPoint Fremont Financial Coach. Our SparkPoint trained Financial Coaches can support your goals with:

  • Financial Health Checks
  •  Credit Report repairs
  •  Budgeting
  •  Identity theft
  •  Filing back taxes
  •  IRS tax debt resolution
  •  Public Benefits screening
  •  Referrals to services, education and training opportunities
  •  Learning how to apply for a small business license
  •  Small business loans through the KIVA program

In order to work with a SparkPoint Coach, you must attend an Information Session and be: 18 years or older, currently in stable housing, interested in determining your financial goals, and prepared to do the work.

The SparkPoint Information Session is free and open to Alameda County residents aged 18 and over.  To register for a session, visit Virtual SparkPoint Information Session