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Jamie Almanza, CEO of Bay Area Community Services, discusses what a Housing Navigation Center is and the impact it has in addressing homelessness.

BACS Client Stories 

Fremont has collaborated with Bay Area Community Services (BACS), which has operated a Wellness Center located in District 6 for those with behavioral health challenges in Fremont for 40 years. With City funding, BACS was able to expand the space and services on their site to accommodate a growing homeless population. On-site amenities are expanding with a second shower addition along with laundry services. Participants are encouraged to develop a housing plan and utilize the full array of services the center offers. BACS has added a housing navigator as well as additional peer counselors. In May 2019, 175 unduplicated participants utilized meals, showers, clothing, wellness groups, computer resources, free medical care, resource connections, job support and 1:1 support from counselors. Flexible funds from the City to BACS, which are used for housing deposits, first and last month rent and titrated housing subsidies, have helped transition 22 individuals into permanent stable housing since the center opened in November 2018.  

BACS Client Story - Lori

BACS Client Story - Marcus